Our art collection has more than 300 paintings by local artists and by artists from Kyoto in the early modern period and modern period.

The city of Tsuruga has a long history as a port town. In the early modern period and modern period, Tsuruga had strong cultural and physical connections with Japan (chiefly Hokuriku and Kyoto) and the continents of Asia and Europe. Various cultures, especially the culture of Kyoto, influenced Tsuruga heavily. Thus, there were many artists and intellectuals in Tsuruga in the early modern and modern period who had connections with Kyoto.

The museum also has a collection of many swords related to Wakasa, Echizen.

The archival collection is available online on the following link.

TMM Archives’ Collection(link)

Hawk in Sunrise (「朝陽鷹図」Asahi Taka no Zu) by Kano Tanyu (1602-1674)

Ise (「伊勢図」Ise zu) by Tosa Mitsuoki (1617-1691)

Loyalty (「忠孝図」Chuko zu) by Reizei Tamechika (1823-1864)

Puppies (「狗子図」Kushi zu) by Maruyama Okyo (1733-1795)

Hanshan and Shide (「寒山拾得図」Kanzan Jittoku zu) by Gan Ku (1749/1756-1838)

Mt. Arashiyama (「山州嵐山真景図」Sanshu Arashiyama Shinkei zu) by Hara Zaichu (1750-1837)

Hawk on the Perch (「鷹図」Taka zu) by Hashimoto Chobei (Founder)

Orchid Pavilion Gathering (「蘭亭曲水図」Rante Kyokusui zu) by Utsumi Kichido (1849-1923)

Mandarin Ducks in Winter (敗荷鴛鴦図」Haika Enou zu) by Kouno Bairei (1844-1894)

Bowl,Hakeme(Brush-mark) (Hakeme bachi) by Kitamura Sakutaro (1894-1971)

Sword (Inscription:康継入道於武州江戸作之meaning that Yasutsugu Nyudo makes this sord at Bushu Edo)
 (d. 1646) 
photo by Hiroshi Haneda